Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Meghan is 22 months old!

Apparently I never bought size 24 month white onsies.. I've been jamming Meg into 18 month ones for a while and this time it wasn't happening... so she is wearing real clothes with her sticker this month.. hard to believe I only have two stickers left when I started with 24. Where does the time go?

We've had a really good month this month. Meghan has been really cute, and she has been on her best behavior it seems... I almost forgot why she was difficult, then we rolled over into "next month" and things have gone a little haywire again... oh well, you have to take the good with the bad.  

 Sleeping: Naps are mostly after lunch now, and last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. She still goes to bed at 730pm ish and has recently started sleeping until after 7 and sometimes even 8am! I was planning on pulling the pacifier this month but this new late sleeping habit it too awesome to mess with. We will get to it.


  • Eating. Meghan doesn't eat a ton in one sitting but the girl does like to eat. She discovered hot dogs this month and she loves them. It is so different feeding a carnivore (ok omnivore!) 
  • M&M's. Don't bother with the candy cookie or m&m's over ice cream, she just wants the chocolate. 
  • Apples. She requests at least one a day, sometimes two, and generally perfers them whole but peeled, although I do slice them for her as well. 
  • Shoes. She really likes to pick out her own footwear... I'm happy to enduldge so long as I still get to pick out her clothes, but my guess is the days are numbered on this one too.
  • Birthdays. She calls anything associated with a birthday "Happy Day", from presents to cake to the song, she loves it all. We've had a number of birthday party's this month and she thinks they are great.


  • Sitting in the stroller. She would rather walk, however it is not a realistic option since her walking means bending to pick up every rock or leaf or piece of garbage on the side walk. Colin still would rather sit than walk, unfortuantely the stroller is becoming a little bit heavy to push with him in it.
  • Having her hair brushed after the bath. It is pretty much the only time I brush it since it is curly, but it generally invovles chassing her around the house to get it done. I'm not a fan..
  • Messy anything. She is constantly asking me to wipe her hands off. She also likes everything to be in its place and will close drawers before I finish using them, or put shoes back where they go if they aren't in the right spot. 

 New and Notable:

  • Sing a song. Meghan started signing her own songs when we went up to Syracuse just the two of us. All of a sudden she started singing a "bye bye daddy" song that had my parents and I laughing hysterically. She has done it a few times since, although not always with acutal words. Sometimes it is just total jibberish, but it is very enthusiastic jibberish. 
  • Swimming. It is summertime again, so we've been around pools a few times now and Meghan is all in for swimming, well she really likes the jumping in part best. Water temperature is not a deterant at all, she can be shivering and still looking to go again.
  • Hitting. She has tested out hitting here and there, but all of a sudden its her go to manuever to show her displeasure with something. We are working on it.
  • She has made up her own phrase for "clean up". Honestly it took me a while to figure out what she was trying to communicate but now she says "Me ma yay" which may be "put away" when she is cleaning up.
  • "hold you". Colin said this when he wanted to be held, Meghan says it when she wants to hold something herself. 

Big brother wanted in on the photo action too.

and then this happened... 


Grandma Mo said...

Well, looks like the tongue surgery worked! Adorable pictures of adorable kids!

efalcone said...

CUTE - Can't wait to meet Meghan in person!

Crystal Dristiliaris said...

Adorable pictures and great update :) I was cracking up over her wanting to pick up everything on a walk - Nicholas does the same thing!

Anonymous said...

Did you let them watch the VMA awards?