Saturday, July 27, 2013

Colin is 5 Years Old!

Five years old! Colin had a birthday party with lots of friends from school and the neighborhood. He specifically requested a "fireworks" themed party which worked really well for me since all of the July 4th decorations were 50-75% off! The party was at a local playground and it was a hit with all the guests. Colin was also surprisingly metldown free! So whats new with the big 5 year old?

Sleeping: Mostly the same.. no naps (unless he is sick) and very few nightime wake ups to use the bathroom. Bedtime is still 7:30 and now that we are on summer vacation he doesn't get up until 8 or 8:30.


  • Imaginative play. This summer Colin has resparked his interest in imaginative play. His train set had gone ignored for a long time but when school let out the set is pulled out nearly everyday. I'm not sure if we didn't have time to play with the trains, or if a lot of his imaginative play was done during school hours. He got a bunch of playmobil sets for his birthday and he is totally loving these sets too. I love spying on his dialog as he plays too.
  • Adventures. We are trying to get out and enjoy the city this summer so we are going on a couple of adventures a week, and usually with friends. We've been to legoland discovery zone, the ny hall of science, blueberry picking and MoMa's PS1. I've been looking into lots more activites for the next few weeks. Colin really lights up when I tell him about an adventure in the works. Having a friend join us is a bonus for him and me (and Meg too).
  • Sports. Colin played on his first baseball team this spring. While we were not impressed with the leagues organization, he really had fun. He will play in a more tradiational little league now that he is five duing "snowflake league" which runs from August to November. Fingers crossed this one is more organized. 
  • The Beach. Colin really enjoys playing at the beach, mostly he enjoys digging holes and playing with cars in the sand. 


  • Bees. We have been working on this for a while but sheesh if Colin suspects there are bees in any area, he will not set foot in the area. This dislike also apparently applies to large amounts of butterflies. We went into a buttergly exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History and he wanted out almost instantly.
  • Bare feet. Same old same old here.. 
  • The Ocean. Colin loves the sand, won't go near the water unless forced. 

New and Notable:

  • Colin is a very good big brother. Yes he has his moments were he is trying to stir up trouble, but when push comes to shove his heart is in the right place. Last week I had to go back into the apartment to get Rosie and Paci (or booboo and boppy) and left the kids waiting by the elevator. Meghan started fuss and get nervous that I was walking away but Colin was right there to reassure her that I was just going to get something and I would be back in a minute. She stopped fussing, but I nearly started crying.
  • Mr. Know it All.  Colin really wants to know everything there is to know about everything and when he doesn't know he has no problem making it up. Sean think this is showing creativity, I find it a bit to far on the dishonesty line. 
  • We've recently noticed that the more "junk" food Colin eats, the more "junk" behavior he exhibits. This shouldn't be a surprise but it happens faster than you would expect and the level with which it turns nasty is alwasy a surprise.