Friday, August 2, 2013

Meghan is 23 Months old.

Look who is 23 months old!  We have been out galavanting around the city this summer, leaving little time for blog updates. Trying to get this up before we get too close to her 2nd birthday! (and I wrote that sentance a week ago and got no further with this post) Eek its August lets get to it.

Sleeping. Meghan has given up her am sleep ins and is back to getting up at 6:30. Bummer all around. Naps are going strong, usually 1-3 hours. In fact she is in hour 2.5 of her current nap. 


  • Her baby dolls. Its so funny having a girl second, Colin had no real interest in dolls. Meghan finds hours of entertainment, feeding them, putting them to sleep, pushing them in their stoller. Its pretty adorable
  • Coloring. Another thing Colin had little interest in. Meghan will actually color in a coloring book for a good half hour before she gets bored..although she does need someone to be coloring with her. She is actually getting pretty good isolating parts of the picture to color a particular color (the lips for example), not to say that she is anywhere near "in the lines" but she understands the concept.
  • Food. So thankful that she is a really good eater. She has her favorite and her non-prefered foods, but she is pretty good about eating or at least trying to eat, whatever I put in front of her. She isn't a big fan of the pb&j but if you make the pieces small enough she will eat some. She has two typical behaviors with food that are consistent and odd. 1. she asks for more just to get it and say she is done without taking a single bite ( I fall for it everytime too!) 2. when she is done but still has food in her hand she will shove all of it in her mouth only to spit it out seconds later. 
  • Dressing herself. She tries really hard to do everything her big brother does. She wants to be able to dress herself so much but doesn't quite have the coordination for things like pulling up pants or putting on socks. 
  • Swings. Holy cow she loves swining on the swings and going high. Take her off before she is ready and she mount heavy resistance. She would swing for hours if I let her. 
  • Music Together. Meghan gets so much more out of this Mommy and Me class (or mommy and brubee and me) than Colin ever showed. She bobs around the room, chatting it up with friends and other moms, dances and is gernerally gleeful while we are there. So much so that I'm going to do it with her again in the fall even though it means walking to essentially the same location a half mile from home twice withiin an hour and a half (Colins school is next door). 
  • Bike Rides. She hasn't been out on the bike as much this summer as we would like but she really loves it.


  • The vacuum. Which is very inconvient for me since her and her brother tag team spilling dry cereal all over the living room floor.
  • Waking up from nap time. She comes alive instantly first thing in the morning but after nap she is lady cranks a lot. 
  • Shoes. She loves to choose and put on shoes but as soon as we are outside she wants them off. If we had a lawn this might be okay, but city sidewalks are not meant to be traveled barefoot.
  • Her brother interfering with her play. Oh man, she is quite the hitter and bitter when she feels like she has been wronged in some way. If she does it, she usualy has a reason but obviously this will not win us any friends in school (she starts in september!)
  • Having tears in her eyes. After she stops crying she always says "mommy eyes...tissue" meaning she wants me to dry her eyes.. shes always been very sensitive about her eyes, I'm not entirerly sure why...

New and Notable:
  • Sing a song. Last month she was singing her own songs, this month she is singing real songs from Music Together. Her favorites are the hello song, and she sells sea shells as well as a sad little puppy song that is adorable. I love this new phase.
  • Falling down. She must be mid growth spurt or something because out of no where she is incredibly clumsy. She fell down three times today while at the playground, walking one second and then on the ground the next. She also fell out of a kitchen chair last week which is pretty uncharacteristic. 
  • Cautious. She is very outgoing socially, but when it comes to physical play she is pretty cautious , she is not one to jump off play equitment or act climb dangerously near the edge. She tries out new obsticles but only with someone close by. 
  • Voices. Meghan love change her voice (high or low or growl) and have someone repeat what she has said in the same voice. She loves playing this game in the car while I echo her from the front seat. 
  • Repeating. Meghan will not repeat any word you ask her to, for the longest time some words she just wouldn't say, like orange or pink or Colin or Meghan, but now she has a little more confidence and will repeat anything.
  • Using her name! She still occasionally refers to herself as "Baby" (e.g. Baby hold you or Baby eat) but more and more now she will use her own name instead. This is a pretty welcome development as it is often difficult to figure out which baby she is refering to, a baby doll, a nearby infant or herself.
  • Pacifier weaning. On Friday July 19th, we poked a hole in her pacifier, fully expecting that she would be beside herself that it had lost its suction and we would do three days of rough paci withdrawl. Turns out she didn't care in the least that it was "popped". So every other night or so I sneak into her room and pull her pacifier out and cut another cm off the top. We are now at a mere nub and she shows no real sign of distress over its change. The first week or so she was clearly having trouble falling asleep without it to soothe her but she wasn't really sure what the problem was. We would enter the room to calm her and she would ask for more water, or a different blanket, or to be held. I was falling hook line and sinker for the "hold me" routine as I was having a lot of mommy guilt that we were messing with the pacifier, but we have that back under control now and she is going to sleep fine now without needing assistance. I'm pretty sure the next cut will make it near impossible to hold it in her mouth so hopefully she will give up on it then but who knows... the idea was to allow her to reject the pacifier rather than have it dissappear in a way that she couldn't fully understand. Hopefully it will be gone by her birthday. She certainly is asking for it during the day less and less now, including in the car or stroller which was always a trigger for her to request it before.