Monday, September 9, 2013

Colin's First Day of Kindergarten!

Colin had his first day of kindergarten last week. Afer some long and drawn out drama and decision making we turned out Colin's acceptance to one of NYC's public gifted and talented program in favor of keeping Colin in the same school where he went to preschool. This was a very difficult decision as there were positives and negatives to both schools but in the end it came down to what was the best fit for Colin and the fact that we will have to move in the next few years which means another school change.  Even Colin himself was torn in his own preference. He wanted to stay at his school, but he also liked the idea of taking a school bus.  Here are some photos of his first day!
On the morning of his first day he was very solomn. He never cried or was overly upset, but you could feel that he was battling some nerves about the transition. The day before we attended his orientation so we knew who his teacher was, where his new classroom was, and who would be in his class (many of the students from his PreK classroom were also in his kindergarten class.
The closest I got to a happy expression. Colin is genarlly pretty photogenic but he was really not in the mood to smile for me. In this one I think I was asking him to say something very silly to try to intice a smile.
Nutmeg would have to wait a few more days before her first day but she was all about posing with her backpack on with brubee. Colin is very proud that Meghan will be going to school at his old school and is very excited to be able to come with me to pick her up since she gets done after he does.

One last outdoor backpack shot. Colin really had a hard time saying goodbye to me the first day (which was only a 2 hr day!). In fact, I think it was worse even than his first day of preschool when he didn't know anyone. I failed to anticipate how this clinging and crying nervous tantrum would effect Meghan. She was so upset that we left him crying and acting afraid. I could distract her momentarily but every few minutes she would get upset again. About an hour after dropping him off we went to visit her school in anticipation of her first day and that calmed her down. For his second day, Sean took him so Meghan wouldn't have to see him get upset again right before her first ever drop off at school (more on that later), but he wasn't much better. I anticipate it will take him a week to get back into the swing of things. Poor guy just isn't good at transitions.

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