Monday, September 2, 2013

Meghan is 2 years old!

My baby girl is 2 years old. She is a total love bug right now, except when she's not...but mostly she is. I was talking to my mom about her recently discussing her joyfulness. We both acknowledged that Colin was joyful too but for Meghan it seems different. For Colin, we decided, he found joy in the world and refected it, but for Meghan, she seems to create joy and it just beams from her to everyone around. She loves nothing more than to smile and wave at everyone she passes. She is infectious in her joy and she passes it freely to everyone she meets. We went for a bike ride recently, our bike seats draw attention even in a jaded city like NYC, but with her in it it is even more attention grabbing. She waved and sung the "hello everybody" song from Music Together the entire way home and nearly everyone she passed just lit up and couldn't stop from waving back and saying hello. She effects people, even the cranky old men light up in her presence, it's fun to watch.
This year on her birthday we went to Splish Splash with Sean's extended family so the pictures are from the few minutes before we left and then at the park.
(I just noticed that Colin's two year post was a full month late, so by that standard I'm doing pretty well!)

Height: 34" about th 50%ile ( a full 2 inches shorter than her brother at this age)
Weight: 26lbs about the 40th %ile ( and 2 lbs lighter!)

  • Her backpack. One of her birthday gifts was a backpack. We gave it to her early at her birthday party at my parents in July. She just loves it and is very excited to use it to go to school. She starts next week, fingers crossed that goes well.
  • Baby dolls. Meghan picked up her Aunt Katie's bitty baby the last time we were at Grammy and Poppy's house and has barely put it down since. The timing on this was excellet as we lost her other baby doll on the walk from the car to the apartment the night before. She calls it her "pink baby" since it is wearing pink pajamas. Her other doll is the "purple baby" for the same reason. She loves them and has to take them with us whenever we leave the house.
  • Anything purple. If there is a choice for color meghan wants purple, second choice is pink and third choice is yellow. I found the purple version of her prefered water bottle and heaven help us if it is dirty! As much as I tried not to flood her world with pink and purple it hasn't seemed to matter, she gravites to far the pincesses havn't made an appearance but I'm sure they aren't too far away. 
  • Chasing balls. Meghan can entertain herself for a good 15-20 minutes throwing a ball and then chaseing it down. Colin often tries to throw a ball and catch it himself a few feet in front of himself so I think that is where she learned this game. It comes in handy when Colin is at baseball and she isn't allowed to go inside the gates the play too. 
  • Sadie (the cat). Meghan is not partial to Sadie in favor of Griffin. Oddly Sadie lets Meghan hold her but will leave the room if Colin enters it. Meghan has picked up on Sadies preference of her and returned it in kind. 
  • Rocks. Again I think this comes from Colin, but she likes to pick up rocks and carry them around. Colin has a "rock collection" in a bucket under the kitchen table so he is always picking up rocks, and now she does it too. Mostly she wants to carry them in the carseat..thankfully she doesn't put them in her mouth anymore.
  • "Happy Days". Instead of Happy Birthday, Meghan just says "Happy Day" its really adorable and now everyone in the family says Happy Day. Who doesn't love birthdays!

Trying to show me "two" she can do it but I snapped too early and then she wouldn't do it again.

  • The vacuum. This is actually much better than it was a month or so ago, but its still the thing in her enviorment she obviously has a distaste for.
  • Being cold. Particularly after the bath, Colin never seemed to notice that it was chilly to get out of the bathtub but Meghan does. 
  • Water in her face. Speaking of the bath... I almost didn't write this because she is so much better about it than Colin was at this age but she still spits and sputters if water goes in her face. She will ask for a towel but generally isn't too upset about it.

Loving the water slides!

New and Notable:
  • NO MORE PACIFIER! Boppy made his exit the day before her birthday when she didn't ask for it at bedtime. As you know I was cutting it down lower and lower and she was loosing interest. But when she didn't ask for it I knew we were ready to go cold turkey. The next night we were in the car coming home from long island and she asked for it but I pretended it was at home and she wasn't too upset. The third night was a little harder but we "replaced" it with the baby she brought home from grammy and poppy's telling her that I gave her "boo boo and baby" instead of "boo boo and boppy". I am still surprised that we got out of that so easily. It wasn't totally drama free but there was never a full on tantrum or lost nights sleep over it. So happy its gone before school starts. I'm a little nervous about how she will react to one if a class mate has it but she will be without it for nearly a month before that happens so hopefully it won't be a big deal.
  • Phrases: 
    • "S'wrong" (what's wrong?) generally she says this to Sadie because Sadie "yells" at us a lot when she wants attention. I guess I must say that to her because now Meg gets right in her face and says "S'wrong?"
    • "Coming" Meghan prefers walking to riding in the stoller but is rather slow and meandering when she walks to I spend a lot of time saying "Come on... hurry up... stay with me"... etc. so now her response is "coming"
    • "Wa-ah you Mommy?" (where are you mommy?) When she is looking for me in the house she starts yelling this, its pretty cute.
  • Loud talking. Meghan is quite challenging in church, she simply does not understand how to whisper in church, let alone simply NOT talk. She has been like this for a while and we "solved" the problem by simply not bringing her, opting to send Sean and Colin during her nap, but now that her one nap a day is later in the afternoon, it is more typicall that we go as a family. Both gets snack on raisens in church but man, once they are gone the challenge begins. 
  • Potty Training: Not too much to report her but a couple times a week she will ask to go potty and deliver on her request. She goes about 50% of the time before bath and shows interest in Colin's underware. I'm not ready to try that yet since she starts school soon, but she is progressing at her own pace.
  • Teeth: Her lower 2 yr old molars are starting to show through the gums, making her a cranky beast on occasion. Hopefully the uppers will come though so we can move on from this phase. She has her first dentist appointment next month.

Cookies were the only thing I could come up with that wouldn't become a melty disasster in the car, so she had cupcake cookies for her birthday complete with candles!
 Bonus photos.
Making faces at Grammy. All ready to leave the water park.

My happy girl.

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Kristeen said...

I love the way you describe her joyfulness versus Colin's. It's perfect. Amazing what we can see in our own kids, right? Also, I find it profound, at least for me, how having second child has taught me SO much more about my first. It's like I understand him from a totally different perspective now.