Monday, September 9, 2013

Meghan's First day of Preschool!

Ta da! Today was Meghan's very first day of preschool EVER! This little girl could not have been more excited. She has watched her big brother go to school for 2 years and the older she got the more she voiced her opinion that she too wanted to go to school. We gave her a backpack for her birthday and she was absolutely delighted with it and would often put it on and ask if today was the day she would go to school.
She was so excited to have it be her turn for first day of school pictures this morning. She has never been easier to photograph! She kept flashing one great smile after another.
She did have moments of nervousness this week too, which were expected. Every once in a while she would talk about school and say "bye-bye Mommy?" and I would tell her yes, when she goes to school Mommy will say bye-bye but that I will come pick her up at the end of the day. Sometimes she rolled with it, other times she would put her arms around my neck and just need a little extra squeeze time. She just needed a little extra reassurance that everything would be okay.
Showing off her new backpack.
Because of Colin's difficult drop off last week, we decided it would be better for us to split them up this morning so Meghan's day wouldn't be set off in the wrong direction by a nervous Colin. Sean took Colin too school and we intended on him being gone before us, but the inconvienent pooper strikes again and they were delayed so by the time Meg and I got downstairs they hadn't yet driven away on the bike. Meghan was not too pleased that she didn't also get a bike ride, but she quickly got over it.  A few quick outside photos and then off we went.

Our last view of Colin before he went off to school. A big smile for his little sister!

Meghan really wanted me to carry her to school but she accepted that she would have to sit in the stroller since there was no way I was carrying her that far.

I was a bit annoyed when we got to drop off and her teachers were not scheduled to arrive at school until a half hour later. I understand they don't need a full staff that early in the morning, but I fully expected that the first day would be all hands on deck! I stayed with Meg for about 45 minutes to get her settled but I wanted to get out of the way before the rest of the kids came in for drop off. Knowing there would be lots of tears, I thought her transition would go better if I was out the door before she saw other kids crying and clinging to their parents. I gave her a two minute warning that I would be leaving, and then gave her a big hug and kiss and sent her off to play. No tears in sight! Miss Maryanne, Colin's old favorite teacher, was there this morning and took Meghan off to play pushing a big cart full of baby dolls. Here is hoping she has a great day! I fully expect the second and third day to not go quite as well as today did, but we are off to a good start.

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