Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

I haven't gotten to post the vacation blogs yet but since Halloween is more current I figured I would get this up first.  Colin choose our costumes in June of this year, during a less than restfull late night drive up to Syracuse. I guess the kids decided I shouldn't be "alone" on the drive and took turns waking up and it was during one of his awake periods that Colin wanted to talk Halloween costumes. He loves coordinating with his sister so we were tossing around lots of ideas. I suggested a priate and a parrot, which he jumped on immediately...only he wanted to be the parrot... that wasn't what I had had in mind, but I figured what the heck, they could both be parrots and I would be the pirate. So I began my hunt for a parrot costume pattern, wondering if I could do it without feathers... I found a discontinued pattern but then had to track it down on secondary sites and ended up getting one that was already cut (to a size 7) for way less than what other sellers were listing it for ( it was going for upwards of $50 at this point uncut!). Colin immediately wanted to be a yellow and green parrot (similar to one on the pattens jacket) and when I asked Meghan she yelled out BLUE very enthusiastically. This surprised me since her favorite color is purple. I figured I would have to convince her that purple wouldn't work...I actually tried to encourage her to be a red parrot for a while as it is the more traditional color, but she wasn't having any of it..she waviered slighting deciding she wanted to be yellow sometime in August but blue and yellow was acceptable. I bought all the material for Colin's in August and started shortly there after. I was a little nervous Meg would reject the costume as two year olds are pretty unpredictable so I didn't buy her fabric until I had made Colin's and tried it on her with good results. I knew October was going to be a crazy month with our trip to California already in the planning stages and a second wedding in Syracuse the weekend after we got home so I got started pretty early. I was nearly done before we went to California, just needing to finish Colin's snaps and add the feathers to both costumes. I didn't order the feathers until pretty last minute because I was convinced I would find a prehalloween sale but never did. The feathers arrived 4 days before Halloween so as you can imagine, I had a couple of late nights of feather sewing. Again, I did all of Colin's before attempting Meghan's, worried the feathers would scare her off but she was totally into it. I think having Colin jump around the house squalking helped with her enthusiasm. In the end I was really happy with how they came out. Here are some photos!
Front View

Side View

More views of the side

Colin close up.
Megs beak was sparkly in an attempt to not make her look like a boy.

Trying to fly! I really wanted to get feet made for them but I ran out of time.

At the parade! My costume was thrown together at the total last minute. The kids were my priority.

Some of the other kids from the building trick or treating. I just love Meg's face in this one.

I ended up making the kids costumes a size up, Meghan because I had to, 3 was as small as it got, and Colin's because I wanted to be able to layer things under it. In the end this wasn't necessary as it was a pretty warm day and with the feathers over fleece, it was pretty warm. Unfortunately Meghan's hood was just way too big and kept falling off and annoying her. She wore it like a trooper for most of the parade and trick or treating even though it was obviously bothering her. I didn't put feathers under their chins and this turned out to be a really good thing, she never would have kept it on if the feathers were tickling her too. If you notice, I usually take pictures inside first, not this year! The apartment was covered in feathers! Three days later I'm still blowing feathers out of my nose and trying to get the blue dye out of the fingernails! I think it is safe to say I won't be using fur or feathers again anytime soon. I'm not only finding feathers in my apartment still but also in the hallways and outside our building!

Before I let you believe I hand sewed all the feathers on there I will let you all in on my secret, they are feather boas that get sewn on through the spine of the boa. Still difficult, but not nearly as taxing as the alternative! At the time I ordered the boas, I coudn't get a plain green one so I ended up getting one that had gold tinsel in it. I spent a good 45 minutes before the parade trying to pull all the tinsel out of the costume, there was still a few pieces here and there but it wasn't really noticable.

I will admit I was a little dissapointed when we couldn't catch the eye of the newspaper photographer (seeing as I obviously had the best dressed kids in the parade!!) but he just wasn't paying attention at the moment we walked by (and I only saw one this year).  Oh well, the costumes were a big hit, and only a few people called them chickens (I wish I was kidding!)