Monday, June 30, 2014

Meghan is 2 and 3/4 years old!

Well hello personality. Meghan is very full of life now and very full of vim and viger. That magical period of 2.5-3.5 is not dissapointing. She knows what she wants and she wants it now. More than half the time she is just as sweet as pie, but she can throw a tantrum that puts Colin's to shame. Maybe I just don't remember, but man she is fierce when she is being denied, and she.just.doesn'!  On the flip side she can be the funniest and most adorable little thing. She sings all the time now (mainly songs from frozen, but some of her songs from preschool sneak in there too.) and she will talk through her imaginary play in the most adorable way. Lets get to what she is up to these days.

Sleeping: The same, but even more annoying with the callbacks. Once she is in her own room and we don't have to worry about her keeping her brother awake we will fix this problem. It drives me nutty.

  • Frozen. Particularly Elsa. I didn't think she was old enough for full on obsession but I was wrong. We have the CD in the car, that was probably a mistake but I suppose we have to let it run its course. Thankfully she has rotated what song is her "favorite" every week or so.
  • Her friend Lucas. There is a little boy at school who I hear about constantly, and who usually runs up to give her a big hug when I pick her up from school. She seems to graviate mostly toward boys which I suppose is because she has a brother at home. 
  • Her friend LD. Unfortunately we don't see LD as much since she has been in school but whenever they get together they have a great time together, as an added bonus I really like his mom too. 
  • Being "2". I've started talking to her about the fact that her third birthday is coming up and she will be three soon, but she will have none of it. She wants to be two and she will not be three. 


  • Being told no. Do I sound like a broken record? I feel like one.
  • Having anyone but Mommy do things for her when Mommy is around. Apparently I'm the only person qualified to open her applesauce. 

New and Notable:

  • Potty Trained! Much like her brother at the same age, in March she just decided she didn't want to pee in her diaper anymore so she asked to go in the potty. We happened to be traveling at the time which made it a little annoying but I had to roll with it. After three days of clean and dry diapers we switched to underwear and that was that. She had some trouble at school, apparently she has a shy bladder so she would just hold it all day. They kept putting diapers on her at nap time (which I wasn't aware of for a bit because they would take them off before I got there) and this clearly caused some confusion becasue she would be fine all weekend but after being at school for three days thrusday and friday would be filled with accidents. I'm putting up with this diaper business since it is temporary. 
  • Sleeping in a big girl bed! With the potty training came the need to give her some night time autonomy. She had been dry overnight for months before she was dry during the day so she went from 100% diapers to 100% underware overnight (except at school). She adjusted to the bed pretty quickly. Falling out a few times the first night but not really waking up when she did so. By night 3 she was fine. Here is a picture of her first night in her new bed. If you look back at Colin on his first night, he was also sleeping diagonally!

Friday, April 18, 2014

We are buying a house!

Great news! We aren't going to be homeless. We are now officially in contract on our apartment and on a house! We are scheduled to close on the house a few days before we close on the apartment but nothing is finalized. The house we are buying is in a great neighborhood and a great school district. It has a nice sized backyard for the area and we got it for a great price. The catch? The house is a time capsule to 1955. It is going to need a ton of updates, but it is structurally sound, and it is in good shape (and I couldn't be more excited!!!) Thankfully I had the forethought to save the pictures from the real estate listing before it disappeared. So here they are.. the "before" photos of our new home.

The front of the house. I love the beautiful bow window! I can't wait to see what a Christmas tree will look like all lit up in that window!The siding needs attention asap and will likely be the first thing we do.

The front entryway and the coat closet.

The living room.

The living room and dining room.

The dining room.

The kitchen, complete with oven from 1955!

Colin's future room.

Meghan's future room. One of the few rooms that has been updated recently. She loves the color so I guess we will just leave it for now.

Master Bedroom.

Master Bath. That wall paper contiues on the ceiling too.

The main bathroom.

The basement playroom.

The utility room.

The backyard!

Lots of work to do for sure, but the roof is only about 7 years old and was redone well. Most of the initial work (not including wall paper stripping and painting) will likely be to the outside. I just hope we have enough money left over to tackle some kitchen updates.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Real Estate Photos.

The first step of getting our apartment listed for sale was to have a photographer come to take photos of the apartment. We scheduled it for a day when I was home without the kids so at least we didn't have that extra complication. The trick to real estate photography seems to be taking three photos at different exposures and then merging them so the dark parts of the room seem lighter and the bright parts of the room aren't washed out. It was fun to watch the process. Let me walk you through the apartment we have lived in for the past six years. It has been a good run, we brought both babies home from the hospital to this apartment. When we purchased the place our plan was to live here until our oldest was ready to enter kindergarten, we missed that goal by a year. In the grand scheme, I would say that is pretty darn close.

This is the living room. The front door to the apartment is about ten feet behind the photographer.

That is the front door in the distance. The dining room is at the back of this photo.

Here is a closer view of the dining room.

Here is our teeny tiny half bath. Which lets be honest, for about 9 months of the year its a closet because we simply don't have enough space to put all our stuff.

Next up, our freshly refinished kitchen. Here is the completed version, with the valence and new art on the walls.

Closer view of the new counter tops, sink and fridge and a fresh coat of paint on 50 year old cabinets.

The second bedroom. Colin's domain on the left

Here is the other side of the room. The linen closet is door visible through the door.

The master bedroom. No more HGTV inspired wall. And yes, the bed spread had only been out of the bag for about 24hrs in this photo. It's generally too hot in our apartment to use a bed spread but I thought we should have one for the photos. Should have thought to take it out of the packaging sooner.

The final room in the house is the bathroom, with tile work straight from the 1950's and a new caulk job courtesy of yours truly.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Meghan is 2 and 1/2 years old!

I am totally cheating here and using photos from our recent trip to portrait simple for this post instead of pictures I took myself but thats how it goes sometimes. Additionally, this post is a bit late as it should have gone up on Jan 19th and it is not mid April and nearly time to write her next update. I'll try to keep to things that went on in January..but it is a little tricky to remember (which is why these updates are so important to me, I hate that I am so delayed!)
Sleeping: Nothing too different here. She naps from about 12-2 and goes to bed around 7:30 usually sleeping until around 6:30 or 7:00. The biggest issue is the incessant call backs at bed time. "Mom, my blanket keeps falling down", "I got tears" (which means she needs a wash cloth to dry her eyes, but God forbid you suggest she just hold on to the wash cloth), "I want the light on a little bit, not a big bit", "Colin is talking", " I need another hug and a kiss" etc. etc. etc. until someone looses their patience and we start taking "friends" (stuffed animals) away. Usually that does the trick, but this is a very annoying stage.

  • Happy Birthdays. Meghan loves to discuss every ones birthdays. She will ask when her happy birthday is and we tell her August, then she moves on through just about everyone she knows, asking about when their happy birthdays are and trying to match people with other people who have birthdays in the same month. For example she will ask when Leo's happy birthday is and when I tell her August she says "Like ME?" and it goes on and on and on going back over the same people. It is very difficult to get her onto a new subject.
  • Rosie. She says it Rosie now instead of Sosie which I had forgotten about until I looked at her last update. She still wants her around whenever she is feeling tired, but we seem to be bringing her out with us less and less, but even if I have her with us Meg doesn't ask quite as much as she used to. Colin never really attached to anything quite as strongly so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. This is a TV show on PBS. It is the spin off of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. It is a cute show and it is all Meghan ever wants to watch these days. She has even put in a birthday request for "Tigey" Daniel tigers lovie for her birthday..wouldn't you know they don't actually make one... this girl loves to find the hardest thing to ask for.
  • Eating. Still a very good eater! Even her teachers remark about what a good little eater she is. Her lunch bag always comes back empty, even when I am intentionally over packing her. She definitely prefers hot lunches over sandwiches but I can usually get her to eat an "Elmo sandwich" thanks to an elmo shaped sandwich cutter once or twice a week. 
  • Elmo. I am not a huge elmo fan myself but Meg will occasionally ask for something with Elmo on it. I think it started from a friends birthday party since Elmo came to the party.

  • Not being able to do things herself. If she could Meghan would do everything for herself but she just isn't coordinated enough yet to manage dressing herself completely (she definitely tries hard!). She gets frustrated which generally leads to screaming at the top of her lungs.. I'm not a huge fan of that behavior, particularly if I happen to be sitting with her to help her with her shoes. 
  • Buttons. See Above. Buttons are her nemesis.
  • Being woken up from a nap. There are days when we have to go pick up Colin and Meghan hasn't "napped out" yet so I have to wake her up. She hates it, and often asks to be put back in her crib. Such is life for the second child I suppose. 

New and Notable:

  • Talk Talk Talk! She is very chatty. Even my sister was shocked by how much she talks, which is saying something because my nephew is also very chatty. She is 99% understandable (for me at least) now and improving more and more all the time.. 
  • "Sget" or in english "forget". I love the stage of mispronounced words. 
  • All her teeth are now in. I am so glad to be out of the teething stage. That's worth jumping for joy!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Where have you been?

Oopsie. Life has gotten a wee bit crazy since Christmas and I appologize for the long lapse. I've been trying to get Meg's 2.5 year post up for months but can't seem to find the time to take pictures.. Hopefully I get to it soon. The reason for my long absense? We were renovating and then trying to sell our apartment as well as trying to buy a house! That is right, big things are happening! We are finally making good on our promise to get out of the city and get these kids a yard (and get ourselves a driveway).  January and February were spent giving the kitchen a face lift including new paint, counters, floor, refridgerator, lighting, and art. We re-painted my HGTV inspired bedroom wall to a more neutral color. We also repainted the little bathroom and parts of the big bathroom and re-caulked the tub. What's that you want to see pictures? I don't have a ton but I'll give you what I have. Here goes. 
This is the over all "before" shot of the kitchen.
 Showing the front of the kitchen. Its unfortunate that you can't see it in the photo but the word MOM is carved into the floor (it was there when we bought it!).
The only photo where the original paint colors are visible.
 The old counters.

Now for the after pictures of the kitchen.
 Apparently I took the after photos a little too early.. I didn't have all the furniture back in or have the new valence hung yet.. You'll see all that in a future post. Here you can see the new floors, new paint and new fridge (one of very few that would actually fit in that spot)
 A close up on the new colors. We beiged it up! The new owners are likly going to just gut it so we tried not to put too much work into it. Just enough so people didn't run away screaming.
New lights (note: this photo was before the new floors went in, but it is hte only one I have of the lights). Very proud of our install job on these. I've never used toggle bolts before so I was a tad nervous. I also installed a dimmer switch all by myself!

Now onto the bedroom wall:
BEFORE: This was my crazy idea... at least my lines were clean!

AFTER: Now a more complimentary single shade of blue.. Again, so buyers don't run screaming.

That is all the photos I have of the renovation phase. You are now caught up with all the goings on in Janurary and February.. this pretty much covers it!  In my next post I will show you the photos they took for the online real estate listing of our apartment.