Monday, April 7, 2014

Where have you been?

Oopsie. Life has gotten a wee bit crazy since Christmas and I appologize for the long lapse. I've been trying to get Meg's 2.5 year post up for months but can't seem to find the time to take pictures.. Hopefully I get to it soon. The reason for my long absense? We were renovating and then trying to sell our apartment as well as trying to buy a house! That is right, big things are happening! We are finally making good on our promise to get out of the city and get these kids a yard (and get ourselves a driveway).  January and February were spent giving the kitchen a face lift including new paint, counters, floor, refridgerator, lighting, and art. We re-painted my HGTV inspired bedroom wall to a more neutral color. We also repainted the little bathroom and parts of the big bathroom and re-caulked the tub. What's that you want to see pictures? I don't have a ton but I'll give you what I have. Here goes. 
This is the over all "before" shot of the kitchen.
 Showing the front of the kitchen. Its unfortunate that you can't see it in the photo but the word MOM is carved into the floor (it was there when we bought it!).
The only photo where the original paint colors are visible.
 The old counters.

Now for the after pictures of the kitchen.
 Apparently I took the after photos a little too early.. I didn't have all the furniture back in or have the new valence hung yet.. You'll see all that in a future post. Here you can see the new floors, new paint and new fridge (one of very few that would actually fit in that spot)
 A close up on the new colors. We beiged it up! The new owners are likly going to just gut it so we tried not to put too much work into it. Just enough so people didn't run away screaming.
New lights (note: this photo was before the new floors went in, but it is hte only one I have of the lights). Very proud of our install job on these. I've never used toggle bolts before so I was a tad nervous. I also installed a dimmer switch all by myself!

Now onto the bedroom wall:
BEFORE: This was my crazy idea... at least my lines were clean!

AFTER: Now a more complimentary single shade of blue.. Again, so buyers don't run screaming.

That is all the photos I have of the renovation phase. You are now caught up with all the goings on in Janurary and February.. this pretty much covers it!  In my next post I will show you the photos they took for the online real estate listing of our apartment.

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